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    We are the right partner in China for you to cooperate and You can believe your choice.
    Shenzhen Fanray Electronic Co.,Ltd (China) is based on the Fanray group which established in 2003 at Hong Kong, and Shenzhen Fanray Electronic Co., Ltd. which was established in January 2012 in Shenzhen,China is one of leading professional manufacturers in domestic market with brands of BMW,AUDI,Mercedes-Bens,Toyota,Iphone,Gsk,IBM,L''oreal,HP,Carrefour. We focus on researching, developing and producing Video Greeting Card,Digital Photo Frames and other electronic products, such as power bank and other ODM products.......
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    Shenzhen Fanray Electronic Co.,Ltd (China)
    We help actualize our customers'' vision and bring their concepts into reality. All types of OEM / ODM projects are welcomed.
    Factory:Floor 2, Unit 1,building B, Runchangyuan Industrial Zone, Banlan Avenue,Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City
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